Season 2, Episode 8 – Jonny Donahoe from ‘U.F.G’

You are currently viewing Season 2, Episode 8 – Jonny Donahoe from ‘U.F.G’

In the first of two episodes touching on the world of musical comedy, Nick talks to the amazing comedian and musician Jonny Donahoe! One half of the satirical musical duo Jonny and the Baptists alongside Paddy Gervers, and real-life partner of former podcast guest Josie Long, Jonny talks about going from very briefly fronting an electro-pop band to being part of a musical comedy group from the tender age of 14. Together they sang about a range of topics from morose bears to unsatisfactory customer service in stationary chains. Jonny treats us to acapella renditions of some of these classics, as well as insights in to the craft of musical comedy, and the great lost “sincere” solo album.

Jonny and the Baptists are ON TOUR from 2nd July 2021! Get tickets here
Jonny and the Baptists on Bandcamp

Follow Jonny on Twitter @JonnyDonahoe

Jingle and beds composed by Anya Pearson – Insta: @anyaplaysguitar
The debut album of Anya’s band Dream Nails is out now

Lead vocals by Imo Berman

Artwork by Eloisa Henderson-Figueroa
Insta: @eloisaillustrator

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