Season 2, Episode 9 – Paddy Gervers from ‘Monkey Dog’

You are currently viewing Season 2, Episode 9 – Paddy Gervers from ‘Monkey Dog’

Our two-part musical comedy special concludes with a chat with the brilliant comedian and musician Paddy Gervers! Paddy is the comedy-partner of previous guest Jonny Donahoe – together they perform as the satirical musical duo Jonny and the Baptists.  Alongside that Paddy is also an actor, podcaster, sound designer, and solo musical artist in his own right, including appearances as a singer, guitarist, saxophonist, bassist and pianist.

This chat takes in more about the history and craft of musical comedy, being part of the legendary house party scene in Oxford, sabotaging rival funk bands, and a stint in Cork’s number one wedding band.

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Jonny and the Baptists are ON TOUR from 2nd July 2021! Get tickets here
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Jingle and beds composed by Anya Pearson – Insta: @anyaplaysguitar
The debut album of Anya’s band Dream Nails is out now

Lead vocals by Imo Berman

Artwork by Eloisa Henderson-Figueroa
Insta: @eloisaillustrator

Web design by Imo Vee
Insta: @imo.vee

Presented/Produced by Nick Taylor

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