Season 2, Episode 7 – Mark Kermode from ‘The Basics’

You are currently viewing Season 2, Episode 7 – Mark Kermode from ‘The Basics’

This week Nick’s guest is the film critic and musician Mark Kermode! Mark has been in an astonishing amount of bands, from very early skiffle-related days, to actually building his own electric guitar in order to play in teenage bands that embraced the worlds of punk, no-wave, and just making a general racket in school music rooms. These days when he’s not Wittertaining the nation with Simon Mayo, reviewing films for the Observer or selecting his favourite film music on Scala Radio, Mark can be found rocking a double bass in skiffle band The Dodge Brothers.

We also hear about how bands in the 70s and 80s promoted their gigs, awkward band break-ups and  the hallowed tradition of playing with a lot of different drummers. Plus – actual audio of one of Mark’s teenage bands!

Read about many more musical anecdotes from Mark’s teenage years and beyond in his brilliant music memoir HOW DOES IT FEEL


Kermode and Mayo’s Film Review on BBC Radio 5 Live
Mark on Scala Radio
Read Mark’s weekly film reviews for The Observer
Mark’s band The Dodge Brothers

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The debut album of Anya’s band Dream Nails is out now

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