Episode 13 – Lanre Bakare from ‘Lou Diamond Phillips’

You are currently viewing Episode 13 – Lanre Bakare from ‘Lou Diamond Phillips’

This week, to end series one of My Teenage Band, Nick talks to the brilliant arts and culture writer for the Guardian Lanre Bakare about his guitar-playing days in post-rock outfit Lou Diamond Phillips.  Named after the Filipino-American actor and director, and based in Bradford, Lou Diamond Phillips were part of a healthy alternative community in and around Bradford that included putting on several gig nights. Lanre talks about these nights, his role as rhythm guitarist and occasional keyboard player in the band, and how the days of playing instrumental post-rock eventually lead to singing Weezer’s Buddy Holly at his own wedding.

Hear Lou Diamond Phillips’ songs in full on Soundcloud
Follow Lanre on Twitter and Instagram @Lanre_Bakare

The podcast will be back in a month or so, and I’d love to hear YOUR stories about attempts at teenage musical stardom in the form of voice notes for me to play at the end of episodes, so if you’ve got any anecdotes from your teenage band days, ideally between 1 and 3 minutes in length, then just record them in to your phone and send it my way to myteenageband@gmail.com.

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