Episode 11 – Hussein Kesvani from ‘River (something)’

You are currently viewing Episode 11 – Hussein Kesvani from ‘River (something)’

Nick talks to the podcaster and journalist Hussein Kesvani. Hussein is one of the hosts of such podcasts as Trashfuture and Ten Thousand Posts, and in 2019 he released his first book ‘Follow Me, Akhi – The Online World of British Muslims’. In this chat Hussein talks about his short-lived days playing bass in emo and indie bands while at secondary school in Kent, the phenomenon of one-gig bands in the outer London area, and why Hussein’s own heartbreak poetry never made it in to any of the band’s songs.

Follow Hussein on Twitter @HKesvani

Hussein’s podcasts include –
Ten Thousand Posts

Buy Hussein’s book ‘Follow Me, Akhi – The Online World of British Muslims’ out now on Hurst Publishers

Jingle and beds composed by Anya Pearson – Insta: @anyaplaysguitar
The debut album of Anya’s band Dream Nails is out now

Lead vocals by Imo Berman

Artwork by Eloisa Henderson-Figueroa
Insta: @eloisaillustrator

Presented/Produced by Nick Taylor

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