Episode 9 – Jack Clothier from ‘Milo’ and ‘Rue the Day’

You are currently viewing Episode 9 – Jack Clothier from ‘Milo’ and ‘Rue the Day’

This week Nick talks to Jack Clothier, co-founder of the legendary Alcopop! Records, home to acts such as Art Brut, BO NINGEN, DZ Deathrays, The Spook School and Dream Nails. Over the course of this conversation Jack talks about several bands he’s been in spanning his teenage and adult years, including his secondary school band Milo, uni band Monsters for Gods, the slightly mixed critical reception to his metal years in the band ‘Rue the Day’, and finally his amazing concept band of recent years (listen to find out more). Stay tuned also for at least three small anecdotes about Nick’s own band experiences!

Alcopop’s website
Alcopop on Bandcamp

Recommended Alcopop! acts/releases
– itoldyouiwouldeatyou
– The Spook School
– johnny foreigner
Gaffa Tape Sandy

Stream ‘Jurassic Pop 4 1/2: The Erotic Adventures of Jeff Goldblum’ (released on Fierce Panda)

Jingle and beds composed by Anya Pearson – Insta: @anyaplaysguitar
The debut album of Anya’s band Dream Nails is out now

Lead vocals by Imo Berman

Artwork by Eloisa Henderson-Figueroa
Insta: @eloisaillustrator

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